Real Estate Data Analysis

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Are you a real estate investor, professional, or simply an enthusiast? Are you looking to expand your portfolio into new markets? Or you are simply interested in looking into value of your investement. Or you want to invest where there is possibility of higher return. You are at the right place.

Dive into the world of real estate for different jurisdictions of Canada. You can see, compare and analyze the historical and current trends in house and land prices. You can select different geographical regions of Canada , province or census metropolitan area (CMA). The data span from 1981 till date - collected monthly. The data referred here is sourced from StatCan. Please note, the benchmark is taken as 100 for 2016 for individual jurisdictions. The data do not represent absolute values rather they define trends and movements along the years.

Get started by selecting a geographical region, province, or metropolitan area below:

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